Nate Quarry’s Zombie Cage Fighter and NJMA on Comic Book Men

Comic Book Men

By Professor Marco Perazzo

With the popularity of comic books and shows like the Walking Dead, what would you do in a zombie apocalypse scenario? Would you hide, stash some food and survive for a couple of months or turn out as zombie food? Ever thought that MMA and comic books would ever be on the same page? If you think that there is no room for comic book geeks in the Octagon, think again. MMA is a great sport that attracts a great number of people from all walks of life. For instance, the current UFC lightweight champ is a certified comic book aficionado. Benson Henderson, though known for some of his crazy kicks and high level Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, he is actually a comic book guy!

And among men who stepped into the Octagon with a taste for comic books is Nate Quarry. Do you think your Jiu-Jitsu could save you in a zombie apocalypse? If yes, then you’d probably love the comic book Zombie Cage Fighter. Nate Quarry, a former UFC middleweight contender has embarked on a career in the comic book industry and has now written the Zombie Cage Fighter comic. The story revolves around an MMA fighter’s underground fights against zombies. After retiring from the UFC, Nate Quarry then decided to embark on a journey towards the world of comics. His creation is now getting the attention of the media from comic book fans to movie producers.

According to Quarry, he found interest in comic books when he was young. Raised by a conservative family, he went to comic books when he wasn’t allowed to play any sport. It was only when he was 24 years old when he decided to become a fighter. New Jersey Martial Arts own Professor Marco Perazzo was known to help the UFC veteran in some of his past fights. Starting relatively late in his Mixed Martial Arts career, he made it to fight for the title years later. So why start a comic book than write a biography? He mentioned in an interview that another cliché Rocky Balboa story would just be too boring for him.

The host of MMA Uncensored Live On Spike TV is now getting media attention as he was featured in an episode of Comic Book Men. In the latest episode of the popular TV show, Comic Book Men hosts Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes visited New Jersey Martial Arts in Maple Shade, NJ along with Nate Quarry. Professor Marco Perazzo along side MMA fighters Sam Oropeza and Tim Carpenter all made an appearance in the show. Watch Comic Book Men to see Silent Bob and Jay fight against each other inside the cage! NJMA is proud to have the veteran Nate Quarry along with the cast of Comic Book Men. It showed not only a lighter side of the sport but also its creative angle. If you are a die hard MMA fan who also loves shows like The Walking Dead and other materials teaching some tips and tricks in an eventual zombie apocalypse, you’d definitely love to check the newest comic book written by Nate “The Rock” Quarry.

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