Randy Couture Dealing with Bellator Fiasco

Randy Couture

Randy Couture Dealing with Bellator Fiasco

If you are a fan of the UFC and if you are over 35 years old you definitely love the story of Captain America, Randy Couture. Known for his great wrestling, he won the UFC title with his vintage ground and pound during the early days of the UFC. The most intriguing part was that he was always an enigma because of his age. He fought a war against a much younger Tito Ortiz, fought a classic trilogy of grappler vs striker against Chuck Lidell, These are some of the most notable fights of Randy Couture before coming back as a heavyweight to win the title against Tim Sylvia and successfully defeating Gabriel “Napao” Gonzaga to keep his heavyweight crown. If you look through randy Couture ‘s sherdog record, you see no cupcakes, every single fight of his career has been against quality opponents.

Randy Couture: Contribution to the UFC

Despite contributions that Randy Couture has provided in the UFC cage by fighting amazing fights and never shying away from challenges and challengers, at times much younger and much bigger. Also lets not forget the contributions he has made to Zuffa’s bottom line with some of the highest grossing PPV’s in UFC history. All this not with standing Randy Couture has faced several disputes with Zuffa and specifically Dana White. Recently, Dana White was quoted as saying “The only time Randy Couture becomes a man is when he steps in the Octagon”. Can you say spilled milk, Dana is just crying because he is unhappy with Randy Couture, his decision to become part of rival fight organization Bellator MMA and their new reality show. The TV show will be entitled Fight Master: Bellator MMA. In a recent statement by the UFC legend, he clarified that his deal was actually not with Bellator MMA but with Spike TV. He also added that the commitment is to train athletes joining the reality show. Randy is a founding father of modern MMA and a Hall of Famer in the UFC, but all that is lost on Dana has the “what have you done for me lately “ attitude.

Randy Couture: Dana White on Competition

Dana White has been known to be ruthless when it comes to competition. At one point Affliction (a clothing company) decided to start an MMA organization, the UFC banned Affliction from ever sponsoring fighters in the Octagon. This example just goes to show how Dana White’s views competition, and don’t bring up the word monopoly its very sensitive topic for Dana. This means that even if UFC legends or even non legends should watch their back if they take a job with a company that competes with the UFC. The UFC is trying to eliminate threats that could decrease their PPV success and their overall growth as a brand.

Randy Couture Feud?

The Randy Couture feud isn’t anything new. Dana white has had feud’s with many top fighters and their management: Tito Ortiz, Frank Shamrock, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and at one point Dan Henderson have all had their issues with Dana White. Randy Couture is so on the outs with Dana White that it is rumored that he will not even be allowed to enter any of the UFC events or to coach his son Ryan Couture a new UFC fighter.

For any casual fan, Randy Couture is the epitome of MMA superstar. Getting movie deals and a starring role in the blockbuster Expendables movie. Randy Couture has made himself a star to mainstream audiences thanks to his career in the UFC. Dana White may not agree with Randy Couture and his choice of working with Bellator MMA. If your name is Randy Couture you started and ended your career in the UFC; this might really be a slap in the face to your former employer. In the past Randy Couture and Dana have squashed their differences to make great matches, but ultimately they were putting money in each other pockets. Now that Captain America is no longer an active roster in the UFC, will this be a bridge burned for both parties?

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