Steve Kiss: Competition Comeback Journal

Steve Kiss

Steve Kiss: Competition Comeback Journal

By Steve Kiss

“Look I don’t want to hear that you wanted to see what you were made of, or you wanted to say you did it… If you are fighting; You are fighting to WIN”  – Professor Marco Perazzo

I first walked through the doors of NJMA when we were in the original location. Next to the liquor store where one would usually see the same liquor store clientèle take the bus to buy liquor on the way home from work …everyday. The roof leaked when it rained, and you knew to avoid the middle of the mat near the back on a rainy night, unless it was summer and you felt the need to cool off.  The full cage that can be seen in the nice, new location was not yet here. There was plenty of mat space though and a partial cage corner in the back, used for drilling. It was not the fancy, but it became home, and my training partner’s like family.

Steve Kiss: Original Intentions

My original intention was not to compete in anything, let alone MMA.  I honestly wanted a more fun way of staying in shape and becoming more healthy. I was also blessed with incredible genetics and metabolism that allow me to walk past a burger and have my belly jiggle.
After my first night of training I was hooked. Like a fat kid on cake. Or me on phonics. If you don’t get that stop reading this now, your a dummy. I was always competitive growing up. With 4 older brothers and one younger you had to be competitive…or You wouldn’t get to eat.  My father pushed me to be competitive at a young age and it stuck with me into college. Apparently that drive was still there and the progression of my training at NJMA seemed natural to compete. My first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition was the Pan Ams in New York. I took the gold. Or I got rear naked chocked in about 45 seconds. Google it, dick. So my first competition may not have gone my way. I remember feeling very angry. I wanted to get back on the mats that night and work rear naked choke defense. I also was tempted to buy Rosetta Stone to learn Portuguese. Neither of those things happened. I did get back on the mats the next day though and trained harder than I had in any practice leading up to the fight. That embarrassment and humbling awoke my drive and competitive nature. I felt fire in my gut again and wanted to have my hand raised. Badly.
Since competing in the Pan Ams in the blue belt division as a white belt with less than 6 months experience in 2008, I have competed many times. I have won, lost, been embarrassed, been robbed, but most of all I worked my ass off. Training at NJMA has become more than a hobby or a way to stay in shape. Its my counselor, my fortress of solitude, and a great place to hide when in hot water with the lady.

Steve Kiss: Commitment

I have recently committed to competing at the NY Open on April 20th. Training camp for all competition team members that are going to compete starts February 18th. I have discussed this with Professor Perazzo (NJMA owner and head trainer, BJJ Black belt…and all around OK person) and we have decided to log my progress in training leading up to the fights with weekly blog posts. I am just getting over my second bout with Pneumonia, it is equally as difficult to spell as it is to get well from. Apparently my recent diagnosis of Asthma and allergies (they actually just hand you glasses with tape holding together the rim and a pocket protector when you get this diagnosis) makes me very susceptible to pneumonia. So my goal for these posts is to be as real and honest about everything that I can. Win or lose on April 20th I know I will leave it all on the mat.

See ya next week.


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  1. Danielle
    3 years ago

    Steve Kiss, I must say I am proud of you . What you
    Are doing for yourself is inspirational, in more ways
    Then one. Keep doing what your doing, stay strong
    And keep your eyes wide open. Your motivation is
    Fanominal and is definitely one for the books! The
    Blog is a great idea also. I wish you the best of luck,
    But in your field it’s not about luck, it’s about skill and
    You obviously have that . Keep your head up, and
    Your hands steady . I will be following !