Steve Kiss: Training Week Three

Steve Kiss

Steve Kiss: Training Week Three

by Steve Kiss

Week three down. This week is starting to feel more the way I remember training feeling. Monday started with a great muay thai class then went right into nearly 2 hours and 15 minutes of hell.

Steve Kiss: Class Starts

We began the first hour of BJJ in no gi. At NJMA we train 2 weeks in then 2 weeks out of the gi. The gi is the “uniform” of BJJ. Think Karate Kid, or actually just pajamas minus the footies. These footie-less pajamas also indicate rank with a colored belt. Like sleepy ninjas with cold feet and fancy belts. I think I’m going to start wearing slippers. damn the man…..sorry I think that this may have gotten a little off track.

Steve Kiss: Slacking and how its overcome

Back to training… we began with one full hour of intense cardio drilling. Partner drills. Professor Marco Perazzo has an uncanny ability to know almost instinctively when someone is slacking off. I am almost certain that is another sense that he has honed over his 18 years in BJJ. I liken it to the ability your mom has for knowing exactly the moment that you get into something that you are not supposed to even when not in the room. “Steven!! Get away from the brownies they are not done cooling!!” Or at NJMA “Lets go Steven Kiss”. I am glad that he doesn’t throw shoes like my Ma.

Steve Kiss: Intensity and Drilling

We really went hard for this first hour of No Gi training. We did positional drills, which are drills in which you repeat a wrestling move over and over. You go, then your partner and so on. From a failed taken/sprawl, to a sit out turn in, to pulling butterfly guard, to a leap over pass. Over and Over. (I am not going to explain all of what that is…come train.) This being one of many many drills done, with intensity and purpose.

Steve Kiss: Open Mat

At the close of the hour class we normally bow out and go into open mat. Open mat is a free hour to do anything that you would like to drill, or get some live rounds in. Not today. Marco yelled out at the close of class to “Put your Gi’s on“. The competition team then changed into our Gi’s quickly and got back out on to the mats. We were to get in groups of 3 and get in for another hour of hard training. This hour was more live training and started with take downs. Basically this means the first guy to get the other guy to the mat wins. He stays and the other guy leaves the mat and the third member of the group comes in and so on. I was “lucky” enough to only have 1 partner. Yep, you guessed it….no breaks. It sucked in the moment but I hope that it will help in my matches to come. This went right into scramble drills and on and on we went. More than one of the competition team members vomited during this class…awesome.

Steve Kiss: Solo Workouts

My solo workouts are starting to gain a little momentum. Waking up in the morning to do cardio before work is becoming more routine and is starting to become a little easier. I have changed it to a strength and conditioning based workout Tuesday and Thursday and a run on the elliptical on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I have also started taking yoga classes.

Steve Kiss: 100% getting there

I don’t feel anywhere near 100% but I feel like I can get there. It feels possible again and that is motivating. My diet will start next week and I will intensify my morning workouts.

Steve Kiss: For his fans

Juggling the band (Six Day Reign), training, work, writing this stupid sh*t, I mean awesome blog and being an adult is tiring.

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