Test of Heart for Tim Williams in TUF 17 Try Outs

Ultimate Fighter

By Professor Marco Perazzo

Ever since the UFC made its waves in the US mainstream audience, it was known for exciting match ups that can blast sub par boxing matches that look like dance recitals. It was the UFC that brought back the excitement in the world of fighting. And being the most prestigious organization in the present day, this is why every fighter dreams of stepping into the big stage. The same with Tim Williams, the South Jersey Strangler put his name on the map by appearing in the season premier of TUF 17.

The Ultimate Fighter show has been known to provide some of the hottest names in the UFC. From Forrest Griffin to Michael Bisping, these guys came in The Ultimate Fighter show and became UFC’s top superstars in their respective divisions. However, before you even get into the house, you first need to prove your worth. That is how the try outs work. In this season of the Ultimate Fighter, the young and talented Jon Jones is up against the loud mouth grinder, Chael Sonnen.

NJMA is proud of Tim Williams who was part of the try outs. In the first episode of the Ultimate Fighter Season 17, it was filled with great matches with guys from all over the world vying for a shot at a six figure contract. Tim Williams went against Dylan Andrews a native of New Zealand who grew up in a Marijuana Grow House. Looking into the resumes of anyone who went on the try outs, it is clear how it is any body’s ball game.

The South Jersey strangler was officially 7 and 1 when he entered the try outs. The first few seconds was already a test of strength and determination for the 185 prospect, Tim Williams. He came in head on with a right hand and then attempted for a single. He then grinded and to the surprise of Jon Jones, Chael and Dana, it was actually an even match. He was relentless in his attacks wrestling wise.

The only time that he lost a position was when he tried for a sacrifice throw but the grip was too loose giving Dylan Andrews a dominant position. Dylan Andrews then landed on full mount. The fight was close that there was even a moment before the match ended when Tim Williams had an arm in guillotine. In the words of Chael, it was important to appreciate what a good job Tim did to understand how good Dylan did. Coming from Chael Sonnen, that is a big compliment. Also, Dana, Chael and Jon Jones believe that there should have been a third round. The fight was close that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to touch gloves for a third and closing round.

So is this season over for Tim Williams? Not yet. As the show progresses, it is common to have injuries and fighters who need to step out of the Ultimate Fighter series. In an event that a fighter can’t continue to fight inside the Octagon, based on the traditions of the UFC, the guy with the best performance gets the gig.

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