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Cross Fit

By: Dan Foster

Welcome back to this week’s post of the Kimura Dad.  I am going to talk a little bit more about fitness and working out. I will share with you guys the workouts I have done in the past to keep in shape for both on and off the mat, no it was not the shake weight. I will also share a little about what I am currently doing and how I manage to fit working out in my hectic schedule.

For the past fifteen years I have researched all different types of training methods for combat athletes. As I briefly stated in the first post, I have experimented with kettlebells, club bells, mace training, sandbags, body weight and many more… you name it I have probably tried it at one point , well except for the shake weight…yet.  I have tried all these methods with the sole purpose of making myself better at my chosen sport of BJJ.

Before my daughters were born it was easy to go workout and I could do it all day if I wanted to but once I had a family I struggled with how to manage getting my workouts in with a family life when tea parties and dress up have become a top priority. That’s were Crossfit comes in because it’s a mix of all the elements I liked about the many methods I was trying before. If you’re not familiar with Crossfit I suggest you go to and check it out. I am not trying to get you to “drink the Kool Aid” and join Crossfit but it’s the path my many years of experimenting has led me to.

I first found out about Crossift around 2001-2002 when BJ Penn mentioned Crossift after one of his UFC fights. At the time Crossfit was not as big as it is today; the only gym was in California, now I can go to the Crossfit Gym in Cherry Hill. I dabbled in Crossfit on my own in my house but nothing really serious. The reasons I kept going back to Crossfit were # 1 the workouts are planned out for me, and #2 the workouts are short in duration, most workouts are under 20 minutes long which leaves a lot of extra time for tea parties with my girls, date nights with my beautiful wife or training time on the mat.

My current workout schedule looks like so: Mon-Wed on my lunch break about 10:30am, I do the WOD (workout of the day) that is posted on in the office gym, Friday and Saturday mornings I go and train in a group Crossfit class so I can get coached on the movements as well as having access to proper equipment, Thursday and Sundays are my days off. The biggest key to the success of this schedule is flexibility, because you never know what life will through your way, because as much as I love working out, I love my play dates with my princesses and family time a lot more.

Author: Dan Foster. When Dan finds the time in between playing video games, crossfitting, blogging and being the “Kimura Dad”,  he is a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at NJMA

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