The Kimura Dad: Sickness and Injuries


The Kimura Dad: Sickness and Injuries

In the post of the Kimura Dad I will be talking about sickness and injuries and the impact on your training, work and everyday life. We all have been sick and injured, as I type this I am s-l-o-w-l-y getting over being sick. I do mean slowly because seems like I have been sick for two weeks, plus now that I am a little bit older it takes a little longer to recoup from being sick and injured. When I was in my early 20’s I could bounce back in a day or two ah the joys of getting old. It really sucks when you’re forced to sit on the sidelines waiting for an illness or injury to clear up. I am sure we have all wrestled with the idea of just sucking it up and going to class and training.

The Kimura Dad: My younger days

When I was younger I wouldn’t let anything get in the way of my training. If I was sick or injured I would just suck it up and go train, but I think I was being selfish back then. I don’t think I really thought how being sick impacted my training partners as well. So sucking it up could have such a negative impact on those around you. Same thing with being injured, we all have been banged up from training and it’s a contact sport so that’s to be expected I am not arguing that, but how many of us went home and iced are injures or took some Aleve and were back on the mat training the next day? I know I have, but luckily I haven’t been seriously injured nor had the need for surgery of any kind.  I have had my ribs bruised, my right middle finger broken and got caught in a nasty shoulder locks where I couldn’t lift my arm up to put on my shirt for a couple of weeks. How many of us have or know someone that has ignored their injury and ended up with a serious injury that required medical treatment or surgery.

The Kimura Dad: My Life

I am a father and husband and I work a full time job, I have a lot of people depending on me to me healthy. I sometimes wonder if I did this professionally would my attitude be different towards sucking it up. I would probably not think differently because again there would still be people counting on you. I want to continue doing this in my 90’s; I don’t want to have to hang it up in my 40’s because my body is just too mangled.

By Dan Foster


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