UFC Gym Adds New Jersey Martial Art’s Sam Oropeza To It’s Growing List of Instructors!

Sam Oropeza

The UFC is hands down the biggest name in MMA today. Without WEC, Pride, Strikeforce and other major organizations in the current MMA landscape; UFC aims to solidify its brand and make it possible to bring the biggest fights without the need to worry about fighters leaving for other fight organizations. In the past few years the UFC has absorbed most of its major competition except for Bellator. The Zuffa owned organization tries to pool its MMA talents under one roof creating massive fights and and even bigger media exposure. The UFC has recently had shows in different parts of the world including Brazil, Japan and Macau. Zuffa is now putting its eyes on the different minor organizations to recruit fighters in order to keep the organization growing. Is this good news to current UFC fighters? Now that every division becomes a bit more difficult, considering the strong competition, fighters will have to fight better, win more impressively and wait longer for title shots. Though it may sound bad news to the mixed martial artists in the UFC, it is always good news for the fans! More fighters equal more fights, for FOX, FX AND PPV.

Given the growing number of fans, and A-list fighters, the UFC decided to invest In some training facilities and gyms including one found in Springfield, PA. The UFC has purchased LA Boxing and will be converting them to UFC gyms. Newly promoted BJJ brown belt and pro fighter Sam Oropeza was recently given the opportunity to work for the prestigious UFC Gym. His New Jersey Martial Arts family especially Professor Marco Perazzo is proud of this accomplishment of his young pupil. Being an upcoming fighter himself, Oropeza is a young veteran with tons of experience to provide for the UFC gym.

Sam Oropeza is a tough prospect in the welterweight division winning first 4 matches whether via sub or KO. This young prospect is reminiscent of a Carlos Condit who has active hips on the ground and punching power standing up. Helping the current UFC gym in Springfield PA, the New Jersey Martial Arts pupil aims to exchange notes and get as much knowledge from the new students who made it in the UFC gym in hopes of bettering their own fighting and fitness . Aside from this, Sam Oropeza is also a great training partner who any top tier welterweight will have a good time training with.

Check out out Sams preparation for his last fight www.njmaonline.com/sam-oropeza-highlight/

There might come a time when Sam Oropeza will no longer be working for the UFC gym but already on the roster of the Zuffa organization. Until then, he will be more than willing to train and to help fighters improve their overall approach to the Octagon.

Professor Marco Perazzo is proud of the leaps his student has made in a short period of time. The young welterweight started his fighting career in 2009 and since then, he is looking for an opportunity to hit the big league soon. Professor Marco Perazzo doesn’t want to rush things believing that Zuffa will eventually notice the welterweight prospect who already defeated a Bellator veteran with some of his BJJ tricks. This prospect is a big welterweight. Standing 6’2” and fighting in the 170 pound division, he will always be a threat regardless of the organization. His New Jersey Martial Arts family will be supportive of him every step of the way of his journey.

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  1. Terry Cushmore
    3 years ago

    I had the privilege of training with Sam when he was an instructor at a gym near my home in King of Prussia, PA. Sam is an excellent coach, an excellent fighter, and a really, really good guy–very humble and with a great sense of humor.

    I wish “Sammy O” all the best in his new location!