Dan Pacific

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructor

Why do You Train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

As a young professional now I can honestly attribute most of my success to the values and lessons instilled in me on the mats. I was neither a focused kid growing up nor an over achiever. Jiu-jitsu has taught me the justice of hard work and there is no truer example of “you get in what you put out” than testing yourself against someone else’s hard work. It’s given me world-class confidence in myself and taught me to trust in my hard work. The team atmosphere really brings you into trusting others and understanding the value of making a stronger team makes you stronger. Life stress seems so much more manageable when you deal with the stress of a fight. Jiu-jitsu teaches you to overcome that immense stress of a real fight in the safest way possible. These lessons I’ve learned on the mats have translated into my entire life and it’s made me a more successful and overall better person.

Professor Perazzo

Talks about NJMA Instructor Dan Pacific

The best word to describe Dan as an instructor, training partner and competitor is skill. Dan is always seeking not just the "move" or the "technique" but having the underlying understanding and continually looking for the answer to why the "move" or "technique" works. Having the underlying understanding allows Dan to improvise and create beyond the catalog of techniques he has learned. As his instructor its great to see Dan have the ability to gear up and down with his intensity but always showing an amazing level of skill no matter what gear he is in.