Do you want your child to get better Grades?

Martial arts classes offer much more than physical training; they’re a transformative experience that can significantly impact a child’s academic performance. By participating in martial arts, children learn the values of discipline, focus, and perseverance. These core principles are directly transferable to their academic work, helping turn C’s into B’s and B’s into A’s. Studies have shown that the structured environment of martial arts training improves students’ ability to concentrate, manage their time effectively, and approach challenges with a positive mindset. This enhanced focus and discipline not only lead to better grades but also to improved behavior in the classroom and a greater enjoyment of the learning process. Through martial arts, children develop a sense of responsibility for their actions and their learning, fostering an intrinsic motivation to excel in all areas of life.

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Martial Arts: The Journey of Self-Discovery

Martial arts teach more than self-defense; they foster self-awareness, discipline, and a deep respect for oneself and others. Through each class, children learn the importance of precision, grace, and mindfulness, developing not only their physical abilities but also their mental acuity and emotional resilience.

Discipline: Cultivating Focus and Respect

Discipline in martial arts is about self-control and a dedication to personal improvement. This practice instills in children the importance of focus, respect for the learning process, and a commitment to achieving their goals, lessons that enrich their academic and personal lives.

Hard Work: Building Perseverance and Achievement

Martial arts emphasize the value of hard work and the belief that persistence leads to success. Students learn to set and pursue goals, understanding that progress is the result of effort and resilience, instilling a lifelong appreciation for the rewards of dedication and perseverance.

Parents are Saying

Training at NJMA for two years has shown me its uniqueness, with fun yet intense classes that stand out as my favorite. Marco's exceptional martial arts knowledge and his strong character shape students of all ages, making NJMA a transformative experience for families, including my two boys who are excited to start their journey.
Candice Collins
School Teacher
I've trained at various martial arts schools over 20 years and have never felt more welcomed or confident in the skills learned. The respect here spans all walks of life and ages. Marco instills Jiujitsu & Muay Thai fundamentals, adding advanced techniques for growth. His willingness to repeat techniques and his sense of humor make NJMA feel like home. As a father, knowing my daughter is safe and eager to learn here solidified our choice for NJMA.
Manny Carmona
Electrical Engineer

5 ways New Jersey Martial Arts kids classes can help your child get better grades.

A Note from our Head Instructor Professor Marco Perazzo

Dear Future Young Champion,

Welcome to New Jersey Martial Arts, where our passion is guiding young learners like you through the fascinating world of martial arts. Our goal is for our students to become not only skilled in martial arts but also to grow in confidence, discipline, and respect.

Our kids' classes are specially designed to introduce you to the world of martial arts in a fun and engaging way. Learning martial arts is about much more than self-defense; it's about finding your inner strength, improving your physical fitness, and developing a spirit that can tackle any of life's challenges with courage.

From the moment you step into your first class, you'll be having fun while learning the fundamentals of martial arts. We focus on making it easy for kids to get started, ensuring that every lesson is filled with exciting learning opportunities, laughter, and progress.

I am excited to meet you and begin this journey together, exploring the many benefits that martial arts has to offer. Let's embark on this path to unlock your potential and set you on the course to becoming a confident and respectful martial artist.

Looking forward to seeing you in class,

A university of nebraska study shows children who take martial arts do better in school