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Explore the world of MMA in Audubon Park and see how our tailored training enhances fitness and self-defense. Enjoy two complimentary classes!

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Unlock Your Potential with MMA in Audubon Park

Physical Fitness

Elevate your endurance and physical condition with our structured MMA workouts. Experience firsthand the power of structured martial arts training with two free introductory classes.

Skill Mastery

Develop tactical skills that can be applied both in and out of the ring. Our introductory offer includes two free sessions, perfect for getting started on your self-defense journey.


Foster discipline and focus through the structured regimen of our MMA classes. Test our program with no initial investment and discover your inner strength.


Empower yourself by joining a network of supportive and driven individuals. Feel the impact of our community with two free classes.

Experience Excellence in MMA Training – Begin with Two Free Classes!

At our school, you’re not just learning martial arts you’re growing in every aspect of life, backed by a team that cares about your progress. Get started with no obligation by taking advantage of our two free class offer.

Power Techniques

Get to grips with powerful stand-up fighting techniques that combine Muay Thai and boxing. Start your journey to becoming a skilled striker with two free classes.

Ground Control

Master the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and gain control over your opponent in ground combat. Begin with two complimentary sessions and feel the difference immediately.

Clinch Work

Learn effective wrestling techniques focused on clinch work and ground control. Dive into our training with two free classes and see why our methods are celebrated.

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What Our Fighters Say

Sam Oropeza
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❝ Great instructor, classes are great, great atmosphere to come and train at, if your in the South Jersey area this is the place for you. hopefully we will see you soon. ❞
Tim Carpenter
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❝ If you are a pro fighter looking to get ready this is the place to be, or even if you are not a pro fighter and just want to get in shape this is the place to be ❞
Kyle Cerminara
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❝ Marco Perazzo is a world class trainer who knows how to and expects to get the most out of his athletes ❞

You don't have to be a fighter to Benefit from Mixed Martial Arts.

Training like a fighter, getting in shape ad  feeling confident. Are some of the benefits our students tell us they receive from learning Mixed Martial Arts




Moorestown - HAIR STYLIST


Mount Laurel - ACTUARY


Pennsauken - H.S STUDENT



Frequently Asked Questions

New to Mixed Martial Arts? Here are some answers to some common questions.

NO. Even though we talk about our fighters on this page, fighting and sparring is done on a case by case basis, the student needs to be ready and comfortable with the idea before we allow them to spar or fight.

YES. Having no experience is preferable in a lot of cases, no bad habits to break. Most of our successful students came to us with little to no experience.

YES. You will see increased muscle tone and endurance, better cardio and explosiveness. You will also see the poinds start coming off very easily.

YES. We encourage all students to come in and see our school, meet our instructors and take a free Mixed Martial Arts private lesson.  You will learn one on one with a certified instructor during your first class.

Our facility in Maple Shade is just a short drive from Audubon Park, making it easy for residents to join and benefit. Start your martial arts journey today with two free classes!